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Vaal Sanitaryware vitreous china "Refine" 90° outlet back inlet closed rim wall hung pan, with quality thermoset soft-close seat. Can be used with a concealed cistern, Vaal Sanitaryware duct cistern (code 7116DP) or a concealed flushvalve. Flush volume 6/3 litres, subject to the pan being installed with a cistern providing an effective 6/3 litre flush volume. NOTE: Also available as a Paraplegic pan when an additional single brick wall is added behind the pan. (See Orchid Paraplegic pan data sheet).

When used in conjunction with the Grohe concealed cisterns:

  1. Uniset 130 Skate Stainless steel control panel (code 439908)
  2. Uniset 130 Skate white control panel (code 439909).
  3. Uniset 130 Skate chrome control panel (code 439910)
  4. Uniset 130 Nova chrome control panel (code 439911)
  5. Uniset 130 Arena vertical chrome control panel (code 439912)
  6. Uniset 130 Arena horizontal chrome control panel (code 439913)
  7. Uniset 80 Stainless steel control panel (code 439914)
  8. Uniset 80 Skate white control panel (code 439915).
  9. Uniset 80 Skate chrome control panel (code 439916)
  10. Uniset 80 Nova chrome control panel (code 439917)
  11. Uniset 80 Arena vertical chrome control panel (code 439918)
Recommended Accessories: 1. Floor bracket (code 8082Z0) or bolt-through-the-wall bracket(code 8084Z0)
2. DPI Flushfit pan collar or equivalent.

Pan 25,00kg 0,070m Bracket 2,00kg N/A
Mass: 25.00kg
Volume: 0.070m³
  1. Determine pan height, prepare water inlet and outlet heights and adjust threaded rods to height of pan fixing holes.
  2. Fit floor bracket into recessed wall and floor, then complete brickwork. Alternatively complete brickwork then fit bolt-through-the-wall bracket.
    Threaded rods to protrude minimum 90mm from the finished wall surface.
  3. Place washers and nuts on to edge of threaded rods.
  4. Place pan into position. Locate slotted bushes on to rods, between back of pan and washer and nut. Tighten nuts.
  5. Flush the water line.
  6. Fit double flap seat
  7. Complete all plumbing connections and test flush to ensure all connections are watertight.
    NOTE: Do not over tighten.
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