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Modifications may have been made to certain products. For any queries please consult Vaal Sanitaryware head office or sales offices.

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Description: Vaal Sanitaryware vitreous china "Orchid Paraplegic" back inlet (code 439016) 90° wall hung open rim pan. Pan can be used with a concealed cistern or with a suitable back inlet flush valve. Flush volume 6/3 litres, subject to the pan being installed with a cistern providing an effective 6/3 litre flush volume.
Recommended Accessories: 1. Flushmaster FM1.100 with C-FM8.80 extension lever, or equivalent.
2. Floor bracket (code 8082Z0).
3. Jazz thermoset seat (code 8531Z0) or Buxton Sta-tite seat (Parker code 411-65533).
4. DPI Flushfit, Marley SG47 pan collar or equivalent.
5. 32mm Stainless Steel rear grab rail (code Sr1)
6. 32mm Stainless Steel side grab rail (code Dl2)
Installation: 1. Install pan 750mm from the wall to the front rim. Place pan into position and mark hole positions. Remove pan and drill holes. Place pan back into position, fix screw to the floor and secure.
2. Assemble all cistern fittings, then fit cistern 545mm from bottom of cistern to floor.
3. Install seat and cut connector plate to size, then install.
4. Flush the water line.
5. Complete all plumbing connections to suite and test flush. Ensure that correct water level has been set and that operating overflow tube height conforms to and operates to local by laws and SABS specification. Detailed installation instructions supplied with the suite.
6. Always use silicone sealant or equivalent between the pan and the finished floor and wall surfaces for a secure and neat installation.

NOTE: The warranty will not apply to any product installed with cement


1. Vaal Sanitaryware Hibiscus basin.
2. 2x12 mm C.P. lever action pillar taps.
3. Universal Half Pedestal (code 715222).
4. 32 mm stainless steel side grab rail (code Dl2).
5. 32 mm stainless steel rear grab rail around cistern (code SR2A).
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