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Vaal Sanitaryware "Aquasave Slimline" low level suite, consisting of a vitreous china 90° outlet washdown pan and matching 6 litre SISO polypropylene top-flush cistern complete with lid, fitments and flushpipe.

The Aquasave Slimline suite is designed to flush on 4,5 litres, and therefore can only be supplied as a complete suite.

This suite is suitable for use on:

  1. Waterborne municipal sewer lines; and
  2. Can be used with on-site anaerobic digesters or septic tanks (check for compatibility with manufacturer of digester or septic tank).

Mass Volume
Pan 13.00kg 0.070m³
Cistern 1.50kg 0.030m³

Recommended Accessories:

Superlux thermoplastic seat (Parker code 8516Z020)
B2 thermoset seat (DPE code 8517Z020)

  1. Assemble all cistern fittings with inlet valve on right hand side of cistern. Fix cistern to finished wall surface in line with pan position.
  2. Place pan into position and mark hole positions. Remove pan and drill holes. Place pan back into position, fix screw to the floor and secure.
  3. Flush the water line.
  4. Complete all plumbing connections and test flush. Ensure that the correct water level has been set and that the operating overflow tube height conforms and operates according to local by-laws and SABS specifications.
  5. Always use silicone sealant or equivalent between the pan and the finished floor and wall surfaces for a secure and neat installation.

NOTE: The warranty will not apply to any product installed with cement

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