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Vaal Sanitaryware vitreous china wall hung "Sweetpea” urinal with top inlet (code 705126) or back inlet (code 705127). Overall size 565 x 275 x 310 mm. Top inlet fittings (code 7054Z0) and back inlet fittings (code 7054Z2) include a 38 mm c.p. domical grating, a spreader (with a 20 mm diameter thread), and two hanger brackets.

Recommended Accessories:
  1. Plain mini “p” trap (DPE F40 PMP or equivalent)

N.B. Do not use a bottle trap.

Mass: 13.00kg
Volume: 0.050m³

The Sweetpea urnial can be installed using either:
a) Exposed (top-inlet) flushvalve (Cobra FJ6000 Flushmaster or equivalent with FJT 5.5 flushpipe).
b) Concealed (back inlet) flushvalve (Cobra FJ8.102 or equivalent).
c) Electronic top inlet valve (Cobra EL-3004 or equivalent).
d) Electronic back inlet valve (Cobra EL-3005 or equivalent).

  1. Fit the waste outlet and spreader to the urinal.
  2. Screw hanger brackets to the wall at the required height using rawl plugs.
  3. Connect trap to sewer outlet then hang urinal on brackets and connect trap to waste outlet.
  4. Connect urinal flushvalve to flush pipe which is connected to spreader, ensuring rubber grommet is correctly fitted.
  5. Test flush.

Always use silicone sealant or equivalent around urinal edges
for a secure and neat  installation. Wipe off excess sealant and allow to dry.

Will flush effectively on 1 litre of water
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