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Vaal Sanitaryware ceramic fireclay 585 x 435 mm "Hygia” hospital basin, including 1/4 turn wrist action mixer (code 8376Z0), c.p. waste (code 8794Z0), overflow tube (code 8630Z0), two fixing screws, plugs and c.p. caps (code 8513Z0). Supplied with two tapholes.

Recommended Accessories:
  1. 32mm basin waste unslotted, 62mm flange, 80mm tailpiece. (Cobra code 308)
  2. Chrome plated bottle trap (Cobra code 340)
Mass: 35.00kg
Volume: 0.120m³
  1. Determine position where basin is to be installed.
  2. Mark position of holes to be drilled for fixing screws.
  3. Drill holes to correct size and depth.
  4. Place basin against holes for push-through installation for concrete, solid bricks and hollow blocks.
  5. Insert screws and tighten with number 10 hexagonal spanner.
  6. Press the c.p. caps onto head of screw and over the exposed section of the plug up against basin splashback.

Maximum load bearing capacity of the fixing is achieved only if the screw projects through the plug tip by at least 1 x screw diameter, and the plug expands in the wall with its whole anchoring depth. Tiles and plaster are considered to be non-load bearing.

Always use silicone sealant or equivalent between basin and finished wall surface area for secure and neat installation.

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