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Vaal Sanitaryware ceramic fireclay 600 x 400 x 200 mm rectangular sink without overflow, with centre back waste outlet.

Recommended Accessories:
  1. Acid resistant waste (code 8791Z0).
  2. 38mm Acid resistant waste (code 8791Z0).
Mass: 21.00kg
Volume: 0.048m³

Sink may be installed by alternative methods:

  1. Fitted to the wall on two semi-concealed brackets (code8102Z0). OR
  2. Fixed underneath a slab using two adjustable underslung brackets (code 8109Z0).

Option 1
Position brackets and mark fixing holes. Fix brackets to wall and place sink into position. Always use silicone sealant or
equivalent between the brackets and the underside of the sink for a secure and neat installation.

Option 2
Position sink under rectangular cut-out of slab ensuring that overhang is even all round (±10 mm). With sink correctly positioned, mark hole positions of brackets. Remove sink and drill previously marked bracket screw holes. Attach bracket to slab. Apply a liberal layer of silicone sealant or equivalent to contact area of sink rim and slab. Tighten securing stud so as to ensure a watertight seal between sink and underside of slab. Wipe off excess sealant and allow to dry.

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