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Modifications may have been made to certain products. For any queries please consult Vaal Sanitaryware head office or sales offices.

Product components received may differ marginally to the image displayed

Code Description 8118Z0 8125Z0 8126Z0 8448Z0 8111Z0 8131Z3
700303 Amber       x2    
703003 Bantam       x2    
700200 Cardinal   x4        
702400 Concorde 610       x2    
700803 Daisy       x2    
703200 Emerald       x2 x1  
706100 Emerald Corner       x2    
700703 Flamingo       x2    
702303 Hibiscus       x2    
700100 Kite     x2      
702603 Lotus       x2    
706600 Mini Weaver       x2    
704803 Opal       x2    
703900 President   x4        
700400 Quail   x4        
703102 Springbok x2          
700900 Snipe   x4        
700603 Tuscany       x2    
704201/702500 Weaver       x2    x1


Code Description
8118Z0 Semi-concealed cast iron bracket
8125Z0 Underslung Basin Bracket
8126Z0 Pressed Wall Hanger Bracket
8448Z0 Fixing Bolt Set 10mm
8448Z0 Emerald Concealed Bracket
8131Z3 Weaver/Sola Concealed Bracket
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